Minet El Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon, PO Box 11/846


At a time when Lebanon was known as “Switzerland of the Middle East”, Najib Salha, prominent Lebanese businessman, decided to build a magnificent hotel in Beirut.


In December 1961, under the umbrella of la “La Société des Grands Hotels du Liban”, the Phoenicia Hotel opened its doors for the first time to kings, queens, world leaders, celebrities, businessmen and the jet set alike. read more...


La crème de la crème from the four corners of the globe made Phoenicia Hotel their home away from home. A new key player within the luxury hotel segment was born.

Picture a grandiose hotel designed by renowned American architect Edward Durell Stone, blending an elegant exterior with a fabulous majestic interior. Then picture splendid 446 rooms and suites, refined restaurants, glamorous shops and indoor and outdoor pools. Wrapping hotel guests in lavish luxury, the Phoenicia Hotel soon became the centerpiece of booming Beirut and a worldwide reference in the world of hospitality.

With the onset of the Lebanese civil war, the hotel was forced to close, until Mazen and Marwan Salha, Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors of “La Société des Grands Hotels du Liban” decide to rebuild Beirut’s iconic “Grande Dame”. As a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the hotel graciously reopened its doors in March 2000.

As Beirut regained its reputation of magnet for the rich and famous of the world, new hotels were built to meet guests’ higher expectations. Despite the rising competition, the world famous Phoenicia Hotel remained one of the most sought after destinations; a landmark for locals and visitors.

Constantly striving to raise the standards and anticipate the sophisticated tastes of the more demanding clientele, the Phoenicia Hotel underwent considerable refurbishment.
Led by noted international designers, Martin Hulbert of Fox Linton, Inge Moore and Summer Williams, the design characteristics of the Phoenicia were evolved while maintaining its cultural and artistic heritage. This included a full refurbishment of all restaurants, guest rooms, suites, banquet halls and health facilities.
Thus, year after year, the Phoenicia Hotel continued to mark history, keeping up with the latest trends, and keeping its place as Lebanon’s most iconic hotel.

To mark the golden jubilee, the Phoenicia Hotel created a tribute to Beirut by organizing a festival of creative arts starring Lebanese artists and performers, showcasing their work throughout the facility.

2016 marks the 55th anniversary of the most recognized hospitality landmarks in the country, and the region.
With decades of hospitality excellence to build on, the Phoenicia Hotel continues to be committed to growth and looks forward to creating unforgettable and enriching experiences for years to come.

Grand Stairs Cinema

Transforming the iconic Grand Stairs to make way for movies, Phoenicia Hotel debuts its newest movie theatre and brings an avant-garde approach to the world of cinema.

A Story About a City

Releasing a story about a city, part of our creative project in collaboration with the director Elie Fahed. A proud tale that nourishes the city with hope and beyond all an intense conviction that Beirut is incomparable.


Building once again on its established reputation as an art hotel and supporter of artistic talent ,the Phoenicia Hotel announces the Phoenicia Hotel Art Photo (PHAP) competition. For more information, click www.p-h-a-p.com

Studio Phoenicia

Opened Studio Phoenicia, a new photo studio that captures people’s pictures in black and white style photography. A joint venture between Phoenicia hotel and two well reputed photographers Jeroen Kramer and Sami, who have worked for well-known clients such as Vanity Fair.

Virtual Reality

Launching the first Virtual Reality campaign in Lebanon called "See Lebanon for Yourself". The aim behind #SeeLebanonForYourself is to highlight the beauty of Lebanon and share it with the world in one click, through high quality virtual images. 

Video Art

This date marked the beginning of an art collaboration, one of its kind in the Middle East, between the Phoenicia Hotel and the Videoinsight® Foundation represented by Rebecca Russo, offering hotel guests access to a selected number of Art Videos on the new Videoinsight® Video Art Channel, for free, in all the Hotel Rooms and Suites.


50 years of heritage and history have consolidated the Phoenicia's place as a landmark of Beirut.


Phoenicia undergone a series of changes that characterized the hotel for years to come.


After years of closure, the hotel was rebuilt and once again welcomed the guests from around the globe.


Phoenicia added a second tower to increase the amount of rooms after its phenomenal success.


The Phoenicia InterContinental opened its doors immediately becoming a reference in hospitality


The Phoenicia Hotel was a dream for Najib Salha – a prominent Lebanese businessman – who in the year 1953 envisioned to build a world class hotel on the shores of Beirut. With a group of investors, Mr. Salha, founded “La Société des Grands Hotels du Liban” and invited leading American architect Edward Durell Stone to fulfill this dream.